UNDEAD'S MIX '80 | Cassette Tape Mock-up

Here are some features and examples of my cassette tape mock-up that I made earlier this year.

I wanted to create a cassette tape mock-up like no other available on the market with tons of editability and customization. So to achieve that I modeled a cassette tape in Cinema4D and used Octane render to get it as photorealistic as possible.

I ended up creating 6 different plastic textures for the main body of the cassette tape, they can be used individually or together varying in blending modes and opacities to come up with some amazingly detailed cassettes with photorealistic surface imperfections and textures.

Then everything else is customizable from the corner screws to the clear plastic jewel case.

Here are some of the features:
• 4096px x 4096px @ 300DPI
• Color changers
• 6 Plastic body variations (w/ optional glares)
• 4 Clear plastic window variations
• 2 Tape reel variations
• 3 Screw variations
• Optional clear plastic jewel case
• Label area (w/ layer style and optional glare)
• Fully transparent with removable background
• Toggle any component on/off
+ More

The project ended up being a lot of fun to make and really useful in the end. It was also some great shader/texture study.

To learn more and to buy the mock-up visit here.

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