Killed Blaq Icon

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  1. Ryan Hamrick Ryan Hamrick

    Saw your icon Charlie and just had to post this for nostalgia, if nothing else.

    This was my first pass at the icon redesign for our BlackBerry Twitter app Blaq that gave a nod to my sidebar-based timeline navigation in the latest design.

    Ultimately, we ended up opting for my simpler, second pass, but still. Fun stuff. :) Great work as always, Charlie!

    Edit: To be clear, I never posted this anywhere outside of private conversations with my developer partner, so definitely not trying to insinuate anything here. Great minds (Charlie) and good enough minds (me) think alike sometimes, too. Don't be an instigator. :)


    3 months ago

  2. Charlie Waite Charlie Waite

    Haha. Funny thats exactly why I posted it yesterday to make sure it's not already out there. So hard to come up with something completely original these days.


    3 months ago

  3. Ryan Hamrick Ryan Hamrick

    @Charlie Waite For sure, man. These are completely different references, though, so while the geometry might be similar, we came to these solutions for completely different reasons. Pretty cool, really. :)

    3 months ago

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