Shower Interface

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For this week's Handsome Challenge the team was tasked with designing an innovative interface for an existing piece of hardware.

So here's my take on how a shower experience should be. Make sure to check out the 2x

First off, no more fine tuning the hot and cold knob to get the right temperature; the digital thermostat is built right in; same with adjusting the water pressure.

Not good enough? How about an HD webcam that acts as a mirror so you can get your shaving done in the shower? Just move the screen to the right position with the fully adjustable swivel mount seen here, tap to activate the full screen feature and bam: your new fog resistant shaving mirror.

And of course this thing has to come with fully customizable widgets like a music player, today's forecast, and your social media feeds.

So would love to see what you guys think. Would you like this to be the shower experience standard? What widgets or settings would you add to your shower interface?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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