Time to Kill

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  1. Ryan Hamrick Ryan Hamrick

    Another related brush sketch. Sorry, no video recorded on this one. You can hit that little @2x up top, though. :)


    3 months ago

  2. Ryan Davis Ryan Davis

    Perfect weight & color. Nice work man.

    3 months ago

  3. Oleg Oleg

    Awesome! What pens are those?

    2 months ago

  4. Sean Glass Sean Glass

    Awesome as usual sir. Made me think of thus.

    2 months ago

  5. Mark Lee Mark Lee


    2 months ago

  6. Almost immediately after hearing that Society6 was adding wall clocks to its lineup, my first thought was, "About time!"

    The thoughts that came after that, however, ended up filling an entire Writer document with stupid clock jokes.

    Here are the first two that I'm releasing right now. Depending on how these do, I have probably a lifetime supply of time/clock/dad jokes to letter and put on these things.

    Oh, and if you order one now (or anything else in my S6 shop), you get free shipping! The clock is ticking, though...promotion ends Sunday night.

    Time to Kill

    Time Waits For No One

    Bigger shots of the actual art attached!

    2 months ago

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