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  1. Soňa Psotová Soňa Psotová

    Something i'm working on right now...

    2 months ago

  2. Fireworks Police Fireworks Police

    This is great. Excellent work. Out of curiosity, what is the green background dollar sign on the right for?

    2 months ago

  3. Ian Hernandez Ian Hernandez

    @Fireworks Police Ditto, it seems to me that there are a few buttons that all may lead to the same page? the rate per day, the green $ button, and the more button. I would do away with all 3 and just keep the price as the button. centered in the middle, replacing 'more'.

    2 months ago

  4. Fireworks Police Fireworks Police

    @Ian Hernandez I don't think all buttons lead to the same page. The like simply carries out the favoriting function without having to load another page. The comments may take you to the same page, but open up the tab or scroll you down to the comments section. From a UX stand point, not sure of the number of people that will share a listing without having read more about it. That is my concern with that. If the $ sign is for rate, I would move that in place of the share button.

    2 months ago

  5. Ian Hernandez Ian Hernandez

    @Fireworks Police im not talking about the heart or the comment icon buttons.

    Theres a button looking object (in red the top left corner) that shows the rates of said item, then theres a green button with a money sign and a hand out. From a ux standpoint i don't know what the heck that means.. "buy now" or "pay" right? why not just click the button that says the price.. I'm also making the assumption that the "more info" button is going to take me to a a single products view page, due to the fact that most beginners aren't going to add to cart and check out directly from this grid view.

    Although, I think the share button is rather inconspicuous i'm from the camp where less is more, so I would remove it.. but i think its the least of any issues going on with the ux

    2 months ago

  6. Soňa Psotová Soňa Psotová

    @Ian Hernandez Red and green "buttons" on image are just for info, they are not actually clickable buttons because when you hover you have there more info button anyway. Green one will mean for rent, actually there will be more kinds of these with different colours - icons still not finished though. Number of comments, likes and share button was requested by client so i can't do anything about it. Comment will roll down latest comments.

    2 months ago

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