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  1. Alex Baldwin Alex Baldwin

    Typography is a bit wonky, but already two days in and feeling right at home using Sketch. Source file attached, still figuring out best organizational practices.


    3 months ago

  2. Taurean Taurean

    Sounds like our experiences are really similar. On your unread notifications you forgot to remove the default mid-grey stroke around the shape, its a real pain.

    3 months ago

  3. Alex Baldwin Alex Baldwin

    Amazing eye there, totally missed it.

    3 months ago

  4. Jonno Riekwel Jonno Riekwel

    3 months ago

  5. Gustav Kjellin Gustav Kjellin

    Hi, tried Sketch out a while ago, but never kept using it. How come you're using it? And in what ways is it better than, say, Photoshop?


    3 months ago

  6. Gustav Kjellin Gustav Kjellin

    Found a blog post comparing Sketch to Photoshop if someone is looking for a comparison as I am.

    3 months ago

  7. Chad Whitaker Chad Whitaker

    Now design one for Android :)

    3 months ago

  8. Taurean Taurean

    @Jonno Riekwel Awesome, thanks.

    3 months ago

  9. Chad Bercea Chad Bercea

    I've been loving sketch. I also love your work. Keep killing it homie.

    3 months ago

  10. MaximeCormier MaximeCormier

    Great stuff! @Alex Baldwin I've added it to, hope you don't mind!

    2 months ago

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