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Skype, we need this !

The window mode of Skype is fine. However, a lot of people use Skype for chatting. Some people also use Skype in order to talk about a project while working on it. Therefore, Skype (on mac) also needs a menu bar mode.

It would allow user to quickly chat without leaving their task. The menu bar would also include contacts, calls, video calls, and such, but with more options than the current video widget. This would offer a quick access to Skype without needing to switch between windows.

✔ You can choose to lock the menu bar widget on top of other windows. The menu bar could be detached and dragged anywhere.

# Chat
✔ On the current Skype desktop version, the « add button » include features like : Add people, send files/contacts, and share screen. The « add button » may not be affordant enough for these features. I have seen a lot of users who don’t find out how to share screen and such.

✔ Now, there is an attachement icon, allowing you to send files/contacts and such. The attachement feature is not hidden anymore in the « add button ». Also, The information architecture is better: The textfield is the place where you send text/smileys, so the button to send files/contact should not be far from there.

✔ The overlay of the chat would appear and disappear smartly.

# Video call
Offers more features than the current widget mode.

✔ You can go back to the chat easily and see if there are new messages with the badge.

✔ The bottom overlay smartly appears and disappears too.

I am not talking about a replacement of the window mode, but just an addition of the menu bar mode. The user should be able to quickly switch from one to the other. Better for the UX, but maybe worse for the business (advertising).

Note the icons of this shot could be greatly improved to fit the Skype style.

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