Freedom Belarus!

‼️To my English speaking friends. The people with whom I am working with have asked me what is happening here, so here is a short insight.

⚡️Peaceful protests are currently taking place right now in my country after the recent fraudulent presidential election. Lukashenko has been ruling the country for over 25 years and has falsified elections, repeatedly stole our voices over and over again, and now the people of Belarus have said enough is enough! 🛑

Lukashenko has crossed the line this time. The peaceful protests happening at this time are being brutally repressed. People are being killed on the streets. Weaponless Belarusians are being shot with rubber bullets, and the Military are detaining and beating civilians with truncheons before taking them to prison. The police, instead of protecting us are hunting PEACEFUL protestors, both men and women, young and old, without any probable cause. These murderers are even driving around in ambulances abducting people off the streets, and it is all happening right here in the middle of Europe!

‼️We are not the ones looting the shops, we are not setting fires, we are not damaging public property or nothing of the sort.
We don’t want a war. We are not ask for the impossible. All we want is our right to FREEDOM and a fair election. We just want to END the DICTATORSHIP!

⚡️Why is this important to share?

❗️Belarusian TV is reporting that all is well, they are showing beautiful pictures of happy families every day instead of the real situation that is taking place!
❗️The workers all around the country went on strike but the government have refused to speak with us and answer our questions.
❗️All protestors are being labeled as “unemployed, drugs addicts, and drunks."


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