Kyle Kinane's "Trampoline in a Ditch" Album Trailer (2D)

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CJ Cook's team at Meister was approached by comedian Kyle Kinane and the team at 800 Pound Gorilla Records to produce an animated trailer for Kyle's album, "Trampoline in a Ditch," releasing July 24th.

We were able to create a weird world full of living Lotto Balls, melting faces and Red Bull hype men. It was an interesting challenge to counterweigh Kyle's energy and enthusiasm in his stand up with weird and wild visuals. It's rare that a client gives full creative control to a studio and we took the opportunity to flex some serious muscle.


"Old Kyle"
Written and performed by Kyle Kinane

Director: CJ Cook
Producer: Samantha Cook & CJ Cook
Storyboard & Layout: David Saracino
Lead Animator: Meghan O'Brien
2D Animators: Audrey Ruano & Jay Quercia
Background Art Director: Yann Benedi
Character Designer: David Saracino
Additional Design: Kyle Jones
Compositor: CJ Cook

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