Pipeline Editor

The Problem
Editing pipeline YAML is challenging and error-prone. Users want guardrails and active support to save them time and prevent problems.

• Assist users as they create or revise the YAML defining their pipeline configuration.
• Identify errors in context.
• Don't get in the way of power users who know what they're doing.

My Role
I worked closely with the product owner and engineering team to understand what was technically feasible (while pushing against some of those constraints). We rolled out multiple preview releases to early adopters and refined the design based on the feedback.

Main Takeaways
• Round tripping between a code editor and a visual design experience can be problematic.
• When working with related entities, be as clear as possible about their scope.
• When implementing a text editing experience, keep it as familiar as possible to the user's existing tools.

Posted on Aug 12, 2020

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