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One of the products we have been working on at DFFRNT Lab is EarthToday; 'A social media platform for the world.' This is one of the flows i've worked on:

Showcasing one of the final prototypes I have made for the 'Create' flow. The goal is to let people share third party content on the platform in the form of a 'Card'.

List of requirements:

Ability to use a third party URL (source of content).
Ability to write something about the source.
Ability to pick one of the platform's categories.
Ability to select a 'Deck' (Collection of content).
Ability to create a new 'Deck' (Collection of content).

To keep this functionality as intuitive as possible we had to come up with creative solutions, such as:

Auto-detect URL from clipboard for easy pasting.
All actions at hand, no need to open new screens.
Include 'Decks' in the same overview to skip steps.

In the attachments you'll find an example of one of the different approaches I tried for categories. Notice how we eliminated the extra steps by having to show categories and confirming the selected category. In the final flow it's as easy as selecting the right category immediately from the overview.

Working on this flow was a lot of fun, having to deal with a lot of different functions, combining them all together to create a flow that feels intuitive was quite a challenge.

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