Brandon Lamarche

Washington Pigskins (Concept)

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Throwing my hat into the Washington Football Team rebrand ring. For my concept, I wanted to do something different than most of the concepts that have been circulating that connect to either the native american past or the area's military connection. What I decided to do was build off of the team's history and make a fun connection to not only past players but past fans as well.

If you didn't know, from the 1980's to the early 2000's, the Washington Redskins offensive line where nicked named "The Hogs." This was a term of endearment bestowed to them by their O-line coach. The nickname blew up during a time the Redskins were at the top of their game winning Super Bowls in '83 and '88. Even QB Joe Theismen called himself a piglet trying to fit into the group.

From the Hogs came the Hogettes, who were a group of die hard season ticket holders that would go to games dressed in drag and fake pig noses and cheer on their team. This fan club grew and cheered for the Hogs for almost 30 years.

Naming the team "Pigskins," honors this history as well as build off the team's connection to football. In football's early years, game balls were said to be made from pig intestines, which is why we still call it pigskin to this day.

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