Location Tracker

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Prompt - Location Tracker

1. Inspiration
I went through dribble and a few apps on my phone to understand how the screens have been designed now

2. Prototyping
After I had an idea of how to go about it, I sketched a few variations on paper

3. UI Design
I transformed the prototypes into UI mockups by ensuring the design complies with the Human Interface Guidelines of Apple. The navigation bar tells the user where he is in the app and provides a way to go back. At the bottom, the user can see the time left for the food to reach him, and ways to contact his delivery executive. The map provides a snapshot of where the delivery executive is currently.

4. Color System
I aimed to create this screen for a food app delivery. Orange is a colour of warmth and stimulates appetite and seemed to be the perfect choice for this application

5. Typography
I made use of the font family 'Poppins' for it attributed to the personality style I was trying to communicate namely approachable

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