N is for Nicole

 n  is for nicole

To celebrate making it to my last quarter at The Art Institute of California, I decided to update my personal brand. Developing this concept for over the past three years, I felt that it was time to reflect myself as a designer. My last stab at my logo was whimsical and had so much personality... but to be honest I felt the mark was weak and couldn't figure out why. Finally I took a look at how my work evolved over the years and I felt that this direction best represented myself as well as my work.

Now for the next step, TYPE! My name is the most awkward thing to work with. I have 6 letters in my first name and 5 in my last. I also have three"o"s which if I stare at it too long I drive myself crazy! I've been considering many options and been messing with tracking and kerning, but to no avail.

If you would like to throw out suggestions I will happily take them! Wish me luck!

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