Illustration Ancient Chinese Armour

As for the acquaintance with Chinese armours, people are both familiar with them and strange to them. For the familiar part, it is often known in the opera, painting, film television drama and other works. For the strange part, we don't know its real appearance: what's its structure? how to dress it? etc.. These questions excite our interests to know more about them. Although there are some strict, scientific publications related to these questions, most of them are the books focus on texts with lots of professional terms, which are really difficult to be accepted by common readers. In addition, during the various data of each dynasty of China, some of them are rich and complete, such as the discovery of QinShiHuang's Tomb, which provides complete and credible evidences to armour research. While,some of them are deficient, for there are no historical relics discovered in tombs of some dynasties, so no works can analyze armours in these times in detail and also that's why there are no complete answers for them.

Based on historical data, careful guidance from experts and the know ratio of armours in each dynasty together with right assumptions to describe the structure and wearing appearence of armour representives in each dynasty, we hope to display armours in each period entirely and visually.

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Posted on Aug 6, 2020
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