Mobile Chat Auto Translator App

Another exploration for a mobile app for auto translator chat. The idea is to give solutions for global conversation problems. When we meet a new person from different countries and different languages, sometimes we face a language barrier. This app comes to solve this problem.

I try to use a light transparent style got inspired by trends nowadays.

Here is some explanation:
1 - Select Friend
Users can search and select one of their friends from any place in the world to chat.

2 - Choose Language
Users see the selected friend status and choose what language to translate to match their friend's language.

3 - Conversation Chat
A general conversation screen with text translation feature. Users can tap & hold the mic button to talk (push to talk), then the system will process the audio and translate it to the selected language.

Alright, that's all :D, any thought about this exploration? Feel free to leave feedback on the comment :)

Press L if you like it.

Thank you.


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