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DailyUI #043 - Food/Drink Menu

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Good' evening Dribbblers 👋

This is my #043 #DailyUI design. 🍽️🍷🍨

Design Hint 💻
No design hint today... I assume to design something to do with a food/drinks menu for a restaurant.

The Idea 💡
The idea for today’s UI design is a fine dining restaurant food/drink menu app for Android and iOS. The app will feature a 'tag' categorisation so that users can filter their own courses (starters, mains, desserts and drinks) and a simple billing/receipt system. The design will encompass a mix of different but similar type fonts, along with a unique, sophisticated layout with large thumbnails to show of each dish. A dark themed colour palette would accompany, to emphasise the fine dining experience.

Final Thoughts 🧠
It's fancy, it's sophisticated and it's legible. I'm loving it! From the way the app is laid out to the typography, it's an app fitted for the fine dining experience.

I love how each dish has it's own layer of the screen, and how each of those layers are inverted left to right; this gives the overall app that unique and intricate feeling. The dish thumbnail starts the dish off, with a title, rating, price and description following. All the user would have to do is tap the desired dish and it would load to it's own dedicated dish screen to allow the user to gain further data about the dish and order, once the user orders a dish the price would automatically get added to the user's total bill at the bottom of the screen, for them to pay once they have finished dining.

The app also features a large dynamic 'dish of the day' card for each 'course tag category' (starters, mains, desserts and drinks) (currently it is called "Dessert of the day") - It acts as a way for the restaurant to feature their prime dish in a specific category each day, to gain the diner's attention. Along with the exotic type-faced restaurant title at the top of the screen, the top half of the screen is just as fancy as it's bottom counterpart; made for the fine diner.

Overall, it's been a chill and interesting day of designing my food/drink menu, I've learnt a thing or two and I love what I've achieved.

Unsplash photo credits 📷
@mat_graphik, @pablomerchanm, @heatherbarnes, @jsfoodphotography, @lee_hisu

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- Elliot

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