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This is the website we made for Altrüus, an experiential gifting platform that builds positive emotional experiences around brands. During our collaboration, we nurtured Altrüus from its birth forming it into the product it is now. We made branding, a platform and an app for Altrüus and later a website to introduce it to the world.

The website is now on AWWWARDS! Check it out and vote🏆

The name Altrüus derives from the word “altruism”. The idea is that shops and restaurants can give gifts to some of their customers for free to build loyalty and positive experiences around their brands. Or anyone can decide to give a free gift from local retailers to their friends through this service. Therefore the core idea is altruistic and beneficial to both sides.

Have a look at Altrüus Case Study to learn more about the product!

Our goal was to create one global gifting platform and make the process more social and filled with emotion. The task was very challenging in terms of UX because we needed to draw people into the app and engage within that platform to move away from the transaction-focused business, which is what the gift card industry has historically been.

To create the Altrüus website we applied the same visual style as with the app and platform. We based the color palette on the product's brand colors and created custom illustrations to represent each feature and benefit offered by Altrüus.

The product is already introduced to the US and Mexican markets with both English and Spanish languages supported. The platform has already shown very good metrics and it has allowed Altrüus to raise money and approach big clients. The app is already both in App Store and Google Play - we're going to tell you more about it soon so stay tuned!

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