7 Responses

  1. Ingenious Artist Ingenious Artist

    awesome!!! :D

    3 months ago

  2. Mansoor Mansoor

    love it

    3 months ago

  3. Graphicsoulz Graphicsoulz

    Great job!

    3 months ago

  4. Alex Ewerlöf Alex Ewerlöf

    I like the idea for this rebound more than the original work. However, the original work has a shinier and softer execution.

    3 months ago

  5. Arslan Ali Arslan Ali

    @Alex Ewerlöf I was out of time so didn't gave it a good finishing, idea came in my mind while I was working in an client project and I did this icon in 1 hour. Thanks for your kind words mate, lot of more stuff is coming stay in touch


    3 months ago

  6. Justin Rands Justin Rands


    2 months ago

  7. Estela Gaspar Estela Gaspar

    Really creative.

    about 1 month ago

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