Habilyst onboarding prototype

Habilyst onboarding prototype

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Prototype link (best viewed on phone): https://www.flinto.com/p/c9ccc6aa

We all love to write blog posts about how Dribbble is ruining everything / promotes shallowness / causes cancer but we haven't seen much in the way of suggested improvement. This project is an attempt to try and offer something.

Habilyst is a side project i've been working on that helps you change your habits through playlists of small, gradual steps. Today I wanted to share a prototype of the onboarding experience with you.

It's basic, and not everything is going to work like you'd expect from a fully fledged app, but the goal is to answer the question of "what happens next?" by having a demo-able product that feels (almost) like the real thing. The walkthrough takes you from sign-up to starting your first playlist.

I've also included some preview frames in the full size image.

I'd love constructive feedback about what makes sense and what doesn't at all. What could make the journey smoother or more intuitive? Let me know.


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