Sofía Ale Quintero

Sofía Onboarding

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Illustration by the talented @Yisman

For the onboarding I wanted to tell a story of a very different kind of insurance company. For people to imagine what it would be like to have Sofía in their life; as effortless as enjoying a day in the city.

Together with @Yisman we worked on a parallax experience that showcased Mexico City (where we will be launching) and a series of characters and activities that people could relate to. For the final frame we showcase a doctor high-fiving someone to convey a feeling of an easy win for your health.

Please take another look at the details. @Yisman is a genius in incorporating lifestyle, brand and local elements into his artwork. See if you can spot "la tiendita" (the local shop), the Sofía billboard, the dotted sweater, the dog, Bellas Artes and Monumento de la Revolución, one of the more iconic buildings of Mexico City.

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