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Hello Dribbblers!

What is best nowadays: mobile photography or DSLR?

The dispute is as ancient as the world. Yeah, most of the shots are made on the phones these days, but still quality incomparable to our opinion. Depth of field, bokeh, sound of the shutter and other things you won't find in the smartphone.

Many at Outcrowd like photos and nowadays cameras give you a great chance to connect directly to your smartphone and we thought that there is no truly cool mobile application for photo lovers on the market that has a great look, simple and fast functionality.

We've designed this app for those who love to take photos on their cameras, quickly upload them to the smartphone, and share with everyone. It is a really awesome thing. You don't have to play with SD cards or use any adapters (hello Macbook Pros). Really convenient and time-saving application.

What do you think about it?


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