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Help! Would love to have your opinion on this:

I've been working on rebranding Mitro to shift focus away from the short-term password management product to a long-term flexible mark. I've gotten it down to two options, and would LOVE to hear feedback on which mark we should go with. One's more symbolic, the other is more iconic

Double diamond (symbolic) vs. M (iconic)—opinions?

Attached are the two options in a side-by-side comparison in a variety of applications.

- portray qualities for Mitro without boxing the brand in to the short-term product features
- serious enough for enterprise, yet feels fresh enough for consumer
- must work as a self-contained icon, yet flexible enough to sustain interest in print and advertising
- differentiated from competitors who use circular and lock iconography

- unbreakable
- sought-after
- engagement—bringing two together
- modular—coming together / stack infinitely to build any structure
- transparency / safety net
- can be seen as 7 diamonds, or 2 overlapping diamonds (public/private; sharer/receiver; individual/organization)

- flexible, able to take any shape with tiling, stacking, and coloring
- can be animated for loading (radiate from center), encryption, and decryption (randomized coloring for each tile)
- strong icon for large print materials and small scale use as a browser extension icon
- can be tiled for flexible graphic design

Would really appreciate your feedback before we rebrand. Thank you!


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