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In 2020 I started freelancing. I wanted to create a simple website to advertise my services, as well as to demonstrate the kind of product that I can deliver. I went for a simple, familiar and functional website design using Wordpress as a base CMS.

The mockup was made with a simple Sass setup using webpack, and gradually turned it into a WP theme of its own as the design progressed. I find this to be the most effective way to create a custom theme for Wordpress.

I chose a colour palette of muted pastels, which I feel represent my personality well. By using colours which aren't too flashy, nor too dull, the theme is able to 'pop' on a number of different screen types, including when dimming / anti-blue-light software is used.

I used Karla as a heading and body font as it's very legible for long and short-form content, on devices of all sizes.

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