Banner ad for Reviewr - our take on Jason's awesome shot

Hey there 👋 I'm Shane, the co-founder of Reviewr!

I came across Jason's gorgeous shot while searching for inspiration for creating banner ads. So I decided to create our take on it. It is not too bad but nothing like the original which is 🔥🔥🔥

Anyway, since if you're reading this I might as well tell you about Reviewr.

So after years of performing UX audits (Heuristic evaluations, UX reviews, etc etc 🙄 ) for clients, we decided to create an app to do them quicker.

And we call that app Reviewr, to help us audit websites and apps in less time. And wait, the best thing is it generates beautiful reports - that you can brand - for sharing with clients.

Soon you'll be able to audit websites and apps in no time, saving you hours if not days of work - and a load of 💰💰💰

Head over to Reviewr to sign up for early access.

Oh yeah, please show some love and like the shot ❤️

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