Ok, so I started this illustration with a flat style. As previously mentioned, these are for a large animation that I'm putting together.

Well, once I got the animation roughed out, these illustrations just didn't feel finished. So I started adding some depth and really started falling in love with it!

So I'm loving the level of depth! Now, I've moved on to adding the tiny details as I polish this project off!


I'm also pleased to announce that I survived using After Effects! 🤣 TBH, I kinda like it.

In the past, I have used DaVinci Resolve's Fusion for 2D animation. And I've always loved it. I've always steered away from AE because I've heard some horror stories about it. But I have to say, with the small amount of use that I've given it, I think those horror stories are not valid (or at least not valid anymore). In fact, I think I like AE over Fusion at this point.

AE's layer-approach is much easier to use than Fusion's node-based approach.

Posted on Jul 30, 2020

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