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  1. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    One of a few ideas being floated for a UK Property Auctioneers who focus on residential and small business properties.

    Part of the brief is that that they ideally wanted some form of initial-mark within the logo, other than that no particular requirements.

    First thing was to play with the m shape, it's a pretty common initial in logo designs and is nice to use due to it's balanced shape. But trying to find something relatively unique is not so easy nowadays.

    When you get a certain range of letters that can somehow be worked to visually represent the business, you can count yourself quite fortunate. In this case the m makes an excellent visual of house roof tops. It's not a unique idea, but I was hoping to be able to style it in such a way that it works without looking cliché

    Whilst playing with the rooftops and looking at the brief I sort of realised that a possible 'key' could be loosely worked in. It's not meant to be obvious, but I hope that some people may make the association. I think it's more about inferring rather than stating.

    So with some brutally simple shaping and positioning, we end up with a very line drawing that presents the M, a couple of roof-tops and a very subtle end of a door key. I think it could prove to be a useful subconscious direction to a property buyer... It's open, it's spacious its inviting you to open up and take a look.

    All relatively subtle in their own way, but creates the sense that if you work with Madison you will be getting the keys to your own property very soon.

    about 3 years ago

  2. Brad Colbow Brad Colbow

    I love reading through the process on your logos Graham. The extra context you provide is really valuable.

    about 3 years ago

  3. Graham Smith Graham Smith

    Brad : That's very kind of you. I love writing so I guess that is something that goes in my favour with things like this. But as you say, it does help provide context and I like to think makes for a more useful read and submission, even if the overall idea sucks. :-)

    about 3 years ago

  4. matt rossi matt rossi

    i think it works really well. you get the "M" from the roofs for sure, which brings out the madison, and then carter has room to breath and be taken in as well. nice job

    about 3 years ago

  5. Quite a change from the initial concept as the client felt it was a little too minimal for their needs.

    I would say this is the safe option that they went for but it was down to a board of directors in the end so it can be all out of your hands at this point.

    But I am pleased with the result regardless as it's still a nice, clean, and bold logo. Looks nice and presentable on the business cards and letterheads etc.

    The one thing that bothers me is the tagline; I would ideally have liked it to fit the width of Madison rather than creeping out under the 2nd word. Although it looks more balanced with is neatly stowed away under one word it becomes hard to read at smaller sizes.

    We retain the subtle visual of roof houses formed from the M as we had in initial concept. This is a given really when you use a M just fortunate with the ame. By 2 toning the logo and creating a white space in inbetween we can create something a little more representative of houses in the foreground/shadow and sky in the background.

    It is a 2 colour logo using Pantone 432 and Pantone 2945. The stationery will also stick to the 2 colours as the text will print in the grey.

    Type used: Today Sans Serif Caps Medium for Madison Carter and Fedra Sans Regular for the tag line. For the cards and letterheads I have used a combination of Fedra Regular and Medium for all copy.

    about 3 years ago

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