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  1. Alen Type08 Pavlovic Alen Type08 Pavlovic

    Inspired by the tag line this time (something 'best' needs more attention so I went with the exclamation symbol shape).

    about 3 years ago

  2. Michael Spitz Michael Spitz

    Very clever as well Alen. How about some cheese... ;)

    about 3 years ago

  3. Sean O'Grady Sean O'Grady

    This is great too Alen. Did you try the tagline curved the opposite direction? It might look better.

    about 3 years ago

  4. Alen Type08 Pavlovic Alen Type08 Pavlovic

    Michael and Sean, thank you very much fellaz! Mike, the cheese is on the other slice of it :) Nah, client wanted to simplify the mark so I ditched a few elements. Sean, as a matter of fact I did, but the problem is that the tag line is vertically symmetrical so when you curve it the other way, the lower curve of the F letter leans on it at the left side, which makes that space a bit crowded (right side stays empty). As usual, at this point, I'll wait for some additional thoughts from the client before adjusting it further but I'll make sure to mention both of your valid points! Tnx!


    about 3 years ago

  5. Antonio Lo Conte Antonio Lo Conte

    Bafetto remainds me baffetto which means small moustache.

    about 3 years ago

  6. Alen Type08 Pavlovic Alen Type08 Pavlovic

    Hehee Antonio, brand name wasn't my creation this time :)

    about 3 years ago

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