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Calyx Crafts a Cannabis processor in Bend, Oregon brought me on to manage their brand, increase their customer outreach, and establish them as one of the premier extractors in Oregon.

Craft Breweries are very popular in Oregon and I figured if we could lean on the homegrown, central Oregon stylization of that type of market but be one of the first to do it for Cannabis.

It was a unique position because we had 3 different types of customers that we had to service.

1. Businesses (Retail): As an extractor Calyx Crafts is a Business to Business seller. So even though consumers can purchase their products at Clubs, they could not purchase them directly from the Calyx Store. So we had to keep the consumers informed of the new and older products like in a store but place restrictions on the Store that you could not see pricing, or place orders without being a verified business by someone in Calyx Crafts.

2. Business (Farms): As an extract company we had to market not just the products that Calyx produced, but market the extraction services they could provide to other farms and wholesalers to have their organic material processed into Extracts or Edibles.

3. Customers (General Public): The general public could purchase Calyx Products in Clubs / Dispensaries. We had to keep Branding and information to the general public at the forefront of our designs even though Calyx can not sell directly to them. These customers through social media and word of mouth would increase purchases from clubs so marketing to them was key even though we were not directly servicing them. We created a custom google map that would show only Retail locations that their products were sold.

On top of building the site, creating the logo and establishing the branding I shot all product photography on this website with the exception of a few stock photographs (ie: the pot on the stove and a couple others.)

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