Hello Dribbble

Hello Dribbble

Hello Dribbble, Björn Carlsson here, Swedish 3D Designer.

Warm thanks to @Atdhe Konjufca for the invite and all the mail-feedback on this shot.

The shape and color of the Dribbble logo has always made me think of Krang from dimension X (any Ninja Turtles fans here?).

Also, I wanted the ball to look a little worn without going overboard, as if the ninja turtles with their pizza fingers would have shot some hoops with it inside the Technodrome before burning up Krang or something.

So is the Slime the remains of Krang? Maybe. It might also just be some raspberry jam or paint.

I Youtubed some industrial basketball manufacturing in my modelling research and couldn't decide between leather (luxury/pro) or rubber (nicer rugged reflections IMHO) so I landed on a 50/50 composite for the texture.

Full process with mood-board, behind the scenes and scraped ideas here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/Hello-Dribbble/13971665

Fun facts™: 35mm lens in max2011,
Rendered with vray 1.5,
Post-production in Photoshop.
All the Slime was created in Realflow.
About 20 work hours.

So yeah, Cowabunga! Hope you like it.


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