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Good afternoon guys, it’s me Amr

It’s been a while since last time I posted ( a week to be specific ) as for the last week I had so many things to get done, but today I came back with a new concept ( a layout + animation ) as I truly missed posting my ideas and sharing it with you.

So, let’s dive into the details of this concept we have today:

The idea: Well, we all know that architecture can be a reason for a person to love a city and also the reason to hate it from the first sight, why do you guys love Paris and never laid a leg there before? Eiffel Tower, Yea!
The same thing happens with websites, if it’s conventional “ a block header body that has wrapped text and awful footer, no one will get excited to continue their journey on that website “
As for this agency ( The Inside ) I tried to simplify the idea of us judging building before we even visit them! Minimal? Then beautiful.

Colors: As I’m supporting the idea of minimalism for this project I decided to use only 2 colors ( soft amber + mine shaft )
They always give this contrast of realism and empathy at the same exact time, plus they are not very pale to the point that makes you feel insecure!

Fonts: this time I decided to use a combination I never experienced before in my concepts which is ( Bon Voyage ) by MADE and ( Champagne&Limousines ) and gosh it really sparkles the home page like a bride.

That’s it for today’s project guys, I would love to hear all your opinions and stay tuned because the animated version will be posted today.
Stay safe and see you soon ✌️

Amr Elwan
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