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  1. Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

    Very nice illustration dude - good form and proportions. Is there a reason for the fur being pink-brown? Is it supposed to be reddish-brown? Just curious. Maybe I need to recalibrate my eyeballs.

    3 months ago

  2. Joel Glovier Joel Glovier

    @Kevin Harris thanks bro. Yes, that coloring is intentional, and was suggested by some of my colleagues who live in other regions where gray squirrels are not the dominant squirrel. In fact, I learned that in the UK, grey squirrels are viewed as vermin, while the red squirrels are more of a beloved little critter.

    3 months ago

  3. Kevin Harris Kevin Harris

    @Joel Glovier LOL! Well I wasn't expecting a gray squirrel, but the red just doesn't seem saturated enough. But that's just my opinion, with the understanding this is an illustration of a fun critter rather than a life-like rendering of a red squirrel.

    3 months ago

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