Keller Household Posters

Keller Household Posters

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I finally had this project completed and put up in our new house. The idea was to have a one poster represent when we got married and the far right poster is where we lived for the first two years of our marriage.

The center poster is a poem that a guy wrote on the corner of where our apartment was on Haight & Ashbury. He was sitting out there with a typewriter and you paid him whatever you wanted and gave him a subject and he'd write you a poem.

My wife and I rushed to an ATM and got cash out and returned and when he asked what the poem was to be about she said "Newlyweds" and three minutes later we had a poem. We've kept the original for almost 5 years and finally repurposed it to this poster.

You can see the full poem and detail with the kellerpostersdetail.jpg attachment.

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