Hi guys... I have the honor to draft 2 great designers to dribbble

Wow... It feels like it was only yesterday that I got drafted. So, are you a prospect? Here's a list of things to do to get you drafted:

1. You already signed up for an account in dribbble (of course) and I really really do appreciate if you are already a PRO. It's only $20. It is worth it.

2. Setup a solid portfolio. Whether it's in your website or any other show and tell platform. I am not talking about you rushing to behance and then upload 10 projects at 1 time, I am talking about a profile that's been built for months or even years. I just want to see some consistency here, that you really love what you do for a living

3. After all set and done, contact me via twitter: @muchanis or send me an email to yudi[at]muchanis[dot]com - I prefer an email so you can tell a lil bit about yourself and your passion in graphic design

4. It is your choice to Like this shot or follow me on twitter and dribbble. It is not mandatory. But I really appreciate if you do :)

5. Last but not least, If you get drafted and you are not (yet) a pro on dribbble, I may ask you to become one before I click that "Draft" button. So be ready to spend $20 as a thank you to the dribbble team.

I will accept entry until January 29th and I will announce the result on February 5th

Good luck! May the best designer wins!

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