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What’s up, guys? Check out the way we’ve designed a telehealth app. This one allows you to book appointments with a doctor and get detailed answers to health-related questions online.

What do you think of the overall design? Do the colors suit it?

📖 On the first shot, users see a list of available consultations. If users jump to the calendar, they’ll see a list of available appointments.

🗒 On the second shot, you see the notification center that keeps you updated on the latest news. Whether a doctor reschedules an appointment or is already waiting for you — you’ll receive a push notification.

🎨 The primary colors are turquoise with a slope of green. Why? Turquoise is typically associated with credibility, trust, and professionalism— all these qualities are valued in the medical community. Green, the color of life and energy, represents safety. Background is light to create a sense of cleanliness and sterility inherent in medicine.

🍃 The blurred footer and slight gradients make users experience even more delightful. Stay safe and enjoy the smoothness.

Created by Purrweb Team

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