Facebook redesign, Home v2

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  1. Mathieu Croset ✓ Mathieu Croset ✓

    Some modifications on the home page !

    Real pixels : http://d.pr/i/7c1x

    3 months ago

  2. Bo Gjerlow Bo Gjerlow

    Interesting concept. Are all the items in the news feed supposed to have pictures behind it? If not, how will a status update that doesn't include a picture look like?


    3 months ago

  3. Mathieu Croset ✓ Mathieu Croset ✓

    @Bo Gjerlow Yes, if the status doesn't include a picture the cover picture gonna be the background of the status. Just like Facebook Home do.

    When you :hover a status, it become darker and the text appear.

    With this I want to bring a more visual and attractive news feed, that's my vision !

    3 months ago

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