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Project page swiss international web design branding portfolio

- Updated below. -

Hey dribbble hope the weekend was sunny :^)

I have most of the page layouts of the new portfolio ready but have been wondering about the project pages. A full size view can be seen at http://www.helveticbrands.ch/uploads/project.html

I am thinking about bringing the case study article I currently use on my blog ( like http://www.helveticbrands.ch/blog/hotbox/ for example ) and have them for every project, thus the "read all" button would open up the rest of the article. The reason for this would be that the text on every page would have a uniform size. Perhaps it is best to see the full text up front. Or have it like it is currently, a brief paragraph that overviews the project and have a self contained article on another page. Would love your thoughts on this.

What do you guys think especially about the intuitiveness for moving from project to project and this page layout?

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