Tin Magpie

I just finished logo work, for and in collaboration with @Rachel Nabors, for her new interactive publishing company, Tin Magpie! How we came about it:

First, figuring out a name is difficult. We spent the better part of 2 weeks trying to figure out an appropriate name. Once we settled on Tin Magpie, we went into iteration phase.

Rachel burst out her illustration skills and compiles lots and lots of ways to go for birds. We settled on the still, standing magpie. In intro animations and .gifs, we have fun things planned.

As for typography, I defaulted to the normal sans serif, with some fun curves. But as we looked across at competitors, etc. we found everything kind of looked the same. Rachel came up with a distressed typeface and we ran with it. It's using Appereo, a font designed with the different strengths of pressing of type. We're pairing it with Prenton by BluHead Studio.

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  1. Tin Magpie Logo arrangement


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