OSDE’s Design Sprint

We teamed up with Indicius, Litebox, and OSDE to run a Design Sprint that would test a prototyped app on real doctors.

Day 1️⃣ We defined the OSDE’s main challenge, key questions, and 2-year goal: to digitize 60% of OSDE patient-doctor interactions.

Day 2️⃣ We created a Storyboard of a landing page that explained the features of OSDE’s digital platform.

Day 3️⃣ We designed a high-fidelity landing page with screens demonstrating how each feature worked.

Day 4️⃣ Moment of truth: user testing. We were ready to test our design.

🤔 What do you think of the blobs we used in the design?

👉 Learn more about OSDE’s Design Sprint process in the full case study.

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