Carpe & Diem App Icons

App icons for my new apps Carpe and Diem. These apps are intended to be used together, but have different purposes and vibes.

Carpe is all about helping you seize the day, tackle your goals and build habits. The main color in the icon, and throughout the app, is orange to give it a very energetic, encouraging vibe.

Diem is a journaling app so I wanted to invoke a sense of serenity and taking a moment to pause and reflect on the day. Purple is the main color used in the icon, and throughout the app, to create a calming and meditative vibe.

In the background there are also mountains for Carpe and hills for Diem. This again ties into the vides of the apps. Carpe is all about conquering the day, reaching new highs, hence the mountains. Whereas Diem has rolling hills to create a serene vibe. The hills in Diem also obscure the white lines, representing memories and time fading.

Hope you enjoyed this look into the thoughts that went into these icons :) If you'd like to checkout the apps for yourself, they're both available on the App Store.

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Posted on Jul 21, 2020
David Keegan
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