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  1. Tim Boelaars Tim Boelaars

    I made some technical illustrations for Comcast last year. These illustrations are used in installation guides, manuals and on Comcast's packaging. Their main purpose is to easily recognize and portray the various contents of Comcast's products.

    Full project here.

    3 months ago

  2. Joost van der Ree Joost van der Ree

    heel nice

    3 months ago

  3. Rodrigo Grundig Rodrigo Grundig

    Very nice, Tim. Amazing palette aswell.

    3 months ago

  4. Eric Stanley Eric Stanley

    Nice work man! Picking up a modem from them today, will have to look through the manual.

    3 months ago

  5. Greg Fisk Greg Fisk

    These visuals are waaay to cool for Comcast.

    3 months ago

  6. Charles Riccardi Charles Riccardi

    These are great, Tim. Seems like a fun project to work on. Was the process pretty fluid?

    3 months ago

  7. Mason Dahl Mason Dahl

    Looking awesome!

    3 months ago

  8. Steve Fraschini Steve Fraschini

    Love the buddy plug icon ;)

    3 months ago

  9. Mirko Monti Mirko Monti

    Cool shot!

    3 months ago

  10. Richard LaRue Richard LaRue

    Thanks again for the great work, @Tim Boelaars. Everything turned out perfect.

    3 months ago

  11. Rina Miele Rina Miele

    The coiled ethernet wire is ExtraPro™. Love how you handled that. Well done overall.

    2 months ago

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