Execute for iOS

My friend Josh Long and I are building Execute iOS. Josh has never programmed before so I'm teaching him now to do iOS from the ground up. We built an app called Execute in three days and shot and screencasted all of it.

Once we finish shooting today, Josh is writing a book about the experience. He'll be explaining all of it in terms that make sense to non-developers.

We're really excited about this project. We're submitting the app today! It will be out as soon as it gets approved. Checkout Execute iOS if you want to learn too!

This app helps you stay focused and execute. It's basically a todo list with built-in timers. Pop in your tasks, set your time, and Execute!

I designed this in Sketch in about an hour. The green shows the task that is currently in progress. The time counts down each second. You can tap it again to stop the timer and it will look like the first "12m" row.

Pre-order now!

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Posted on Jan 15, 2014

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