| Send your valentine message to space !

Send your valentine message to space ! And help us get 500 messages :)!

Write your message
You two are the happy couple or maybe you’re alone on valentine. It doesn’t matter. Say ‘I love you’ on a very special way or maybe meet someone new. You’ll never know who’s gonna pick up your message !

Ready for take-off
We print your message on some handmade valentine paper and seal it with the special Valentair stamp. It’s now ready for the trip. We will launch as soon as we have enough messages. 3.. 2.. 1.. Houston we have lift-off !

World full of love
We don’t know where your message will land. With it, there is a link. Via the link, the one who found the message is able to say he got your letter and his location. Spread the world full of love. It’s a nice place :-) !

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