Smokey Bacon Burger

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  1. Lissa Sleeckx Lissa Sleeckx

    For a school project, we had to illustrate a recipe for the Draw & Cook website. You can find my participation here.

    3 months ago

  2. Joeri Claes Joeri Claes

    Gotta love those tasteful layers of cheese and bacon


    3 months ago

  3. Marek Plichta Marek Plichta

    you could improve the illustration by giving it more contrast around the silhouette of the burger. How about changing the background color to either something more saturated or less saturated than the burger? Changing the background color hue would also be an option.

    3 months ago

  4. Lissa Sleeckx Lissa Sleeckx

    For me the background was the most difficult part of the illustration :p I changed it several times and this result is the only one I more or less liked. But thanks for the tip!

    3 months ago

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