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Hello guys, it’s me Amr, back to you with a new layout design that will become live so soon because I’m planing to animate this concept in the next post, so stay tuned ✌️

Well, without a further to do, let’s dive into the details of this concept.

• The idea: This concept is a redesign for one of my favorite photographers on Unsplash, Joanna Grace as a way to say thanks to her stunning work. I tried to keep it as minimal as it possibly can be so that the user gets the feeling of the photographs, the words behind every single detail of every photo and finally get to collaborate with this amazing photographer!

• Colors: As for the homepage I decided to use Pink Swan, this color truly unleash any color you use with it, gives it a true definition of beauty and helps you concentrate only on the meaning “ very similar to the mission of white color. As for the “ catalog page “ when you scroll the page color changes into Dusty Grey which is not very different pink swan but a little bit darker just to give this feeling of getting into another world of exploration.

• Fonts: This time I tried to get along with 1 font but 2 different styles, so I chose Ogg Roman combined with Italic, just to build up a good hierarchy in a way to avoid a tedious typography for the website and to point out the idea of diversity in the photographer’s work!

So, that’s it for today’s website guys, make sure to check out Joanna’s work and give me your feedback on this concept, if anything you see can be improved, I will be happy to know that. And expect an animated version of this concept soon 🤟

Take care guys and have a good night. See you soon :)

Amr Elwan
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