What I'm Literally Working On

In 2003 I became very ill with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, however, I was not diagnosed until 2008, just one year after my husband and I began trying to start a family.

After many tears, disappointment, hopelessness and even depression, we decided to let it go. Our prayers changed from "God, we want a child" to "God, we know you're going to bless us with a child but it's all in your time".

In June of 2013 we visited my OBGYN to discuss our family planning options and she asked me to lose 50 pounds before we could begin fertility treatments. I was so determined to reach my goal so I started working hard at it. In less than 3 months I lost 25 pounds and even walked/ran my first 5k ever!

In early October, I began noticing that I was not feeling normal. I had multiple pregnancy symptoms and although I didn't want to experience the disappointment of another negative test, it was difficult to ignore the signs so I took, not one but 4 tests. All were positive!

I'm now 21 weeks and so happy to be expecting a little baby boy. We can't wait to meet him and tell him what a blessing he is to us.

We have decided to name him Peter Louis Rivera. Peter Louis (Pedro Luis) was my father's name. He passed away when I was 18. Since my father never had a son, we felt compelled to honor his legacy by naming our baby after him.

I hope this story is encouraging to anyone that is going through a similar situation. Feel free to message me directly if you'd like to talk in private.

Thanks for reading!

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