Payment Flat UI Homepage design for Juiiicy

Payment Flat UI Homepage design for Juiiicy

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Hey Guys... Couple of weeks ago we did few updates on Juiiicy. We improved some of the visuals like the font, spacing, layout and we also made it responsive since so many of you asked for it.

My best friend and I are still putting some time into Juiiicy trying to make it better and better. The goal being to become the freelance gig exchange platform for designers. There's some really good ones on there right now posted by some really good designers.

Anyway we thought about the all thing again and we will do some changes really soon. One of them could be that we won't charge anymore the designers... Referrers will still get 7% but Contractors will now keep 93% of the budget. Great no!! Still need to figure few stuff to make it happen though!


Anyway stay tune and go check the new version. If you have some feedbacks leave a comment!

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