WIP "Fruit Punch"

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  1. Stacey McClure Stacey McClure

    WIP lettering for a magazine. Feedback is much appreciated.

    3 months ago

  2. mike meulstee mike meulstee

    What kind of surface treatment will you be doing to it?

    3 months ago

  3. Bob Ewing Bob Ewing

    This is coming along nicely Stacey. Seems like Punch could be kerned out, it seems a bit smushed in comparison to Fruit. I think that will really help the entire thing flow better and might allow you to make the 'P' a bit more prominent. Hope this helps, cheers!


    3 months ago

  4. Stacey McClure Stacey McClure

    @Bob Ewing Good call on adjusting the kerning. The 'P' has been giving me the most trouble. Thanks for the feedback!

    3 months ago

  5. Joshua Hynes Joshua Hynes

    @Stacey McClure Agree with @Bob Ewing on the Punch kerning. Have you played with opening up the bowl on the letter "P" more?

    3 months ago

  6. Stacey McClure Stacey McClure

    @Joshua Hynes I've gone back and forth on it. The larger it gets, the more it starts to look like a 'D.' But, I think if I adjust the kerning, I could open it up a little bit more.

    3 months ago

  7. 26 days ago

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