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Matz Handcraft

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Hi y'all ✨

I've had a blast working on a logo and some brand elements for Matz Handcraft, the wood and metal working practice of my bud and bandmate Chris Matz. Chris is making beautiful things out of reclaimed wood and striving to do things a lil different from some of the stuffier, luxury companies in that space in his area. Chris is a badass and a sweetheart and I'm honored to have worked on this with him!

Hoping to develop more brand elements for MH as the company grows (embroidered coveralls? A fun wrap for a work truck? Laser-engraved tool handles?), and I'm excited to see what Chris does with his work.

Hope you're doing alright, staying safe and healthy, and doing what you can to fight the injustices in this world. Take care ✌️

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