Teapot dribbble

One of my wonderful friends sent me a tea sampler over Christmas, and what with all the choices and the fancy little jars and the special instructions for steeping each flavor, it wasn’t long before the teas morphed from a pleasant beverage to a major obsession. Making tea just became so entertaining. (The fact that the dreadful weather, multiple projects, and an injured pet have kept me practically housebound may have contributed a bit.)

It turns out that January is national hot tea month, so at least I am not fixating alone. In honor of that, and because I’m so far gone anyway, I decided to indulge in some tea set drawing. My sister and I bought this little set together when we visited the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder, Colorado. We were kids at the time (and not particularly careful ones) but somehow the cups and everything survived the rest of our family vacation and all the moves we’ve made since.

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